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What Questions Should You Ask Your Roofing Contractor?

When it comes to your home’s roof, quality material, work, and maintenance must be your top priority. The roof protects most of your most significant investments, i.e., your residential property and worldly possessions. Quality roofing starts with your research of an experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor. Once you’ve found one who appears to be a good fit on paper, it’s critical to do your homework to confirm they’re truly deserving of such a big job. Therefore, before signing a contract for roof repair services in NJ with your roofing contractor, you should ask a few essential questions. This can help prevent a poor job and costly roof repairs, as well as help you learn more about the services they offer and determine whether they are a good fit for the job. So here are the key questions you need to ask any roofing contractor before deciding to hire their services.

Does the roofing contractor have a license, bond, and insurance?

A valid license is one of the essential documents a roofing contractor needs to ask for when hiring them for their roof repair services in NJ. This document indicates that they adhere to the building codes and have adequate skills and knowledge. A good roofing specialist needs to have liability insurance to cover clients in the event of any property damage during roofing service. Apart from this, they need to possess workmanship compensation insurance to compensate employees if an accident occurs while installing a new roof. Many states in the USA require roofing contractors to have a surety bond to cover their clients financially in various circumstances.

What quality roofing materials do you offer?

Apart from the above, make sure to ask your prospective roofing contractor what roofing materials they have to offer. A roofing professional who offers more than one type of asphalt shingle roofing can provide you with more design options. Many homeowners are startled to learn that asphalt shingles come in a variety of styles other than what they are accustomed to seeing in their neighborhood, including the increasingly popular dimensional shingles. Most good roofing specialists offer at least one of these roofing materials – asphalt shingles, metal roofing materials, natural slate, and clay and ceramic tiles. As one of the renowned roofing contractors, Skyline Construction Group can offer you high-quality roofing systems in the area. When you work with us, we will ensure you get a lifetime of good functional and aesthetic value out of your new roof.

How many years of roofing experience does your contractor have?

As your roofing has a relatively low job entry cost, there are a lot of unqualified roofing contractors in the industry who may not have the experience to do quality work on your roof. Requesting information about the roofing contractor’s experience can help you assess whether or not they are familiar with the industry, have the knowledge and skill to complete the job correctly, and whether or not they will be available for the duration of your roof’s guarantee and lifespan. Knowing what professional memberships and certifications your roofing contractor is a part of can help you determine their overall roofing experience.

Do you offer storm roof damage repair?

Make sure to ask your prospective roofer whether they offer storm damage roof repair services in NJ or not. Inclement weather conditions may pop up at the most inconvenient times, so it is essential to know whether your prospective roofing experts can offer emergency services or not. There are many ways a storm can damage your roof, but the most common are – wind damage, debris damage, and water damage.

Is the business local?

When hiring roofing specialists for roofing services, homeowners need to determine whether the business is local and evaluate the proximity of the offices to their homes. Ask your roofing contractor for a physical address and phone number to verify the provided information. Hiring a local roofing contractor will ensure that you get a fast and reliable response in case of emergency roof repair services in NJ. Some of the other benefits of hiring a local roofing specialist include –

. They have sufficient knowledge of local building codes.

. It is easy to verify their licenses, their bond, and references.

. They lessen the chances of non-compliance.

. Visiting regional offices is favorable and less time-consuming.

. Easier to hold a local roofing contractor accountable.

Can I receive a written estimate?

A roofing contractor should feel confident and happy to provide you with a written job estimate. It is advised not to make a contract with a roofing contractor until you receive a written estimate detailing the costs for the roof replacement in NJ of a new or old roof from the roofing contractor. Also, be sure to have information about the cost of ripping up the old and new roofs.

What additional roofing services do you offer?

Hiring a roofing expert who provides emergency roof replacement or repair services in NJ can be incredibly advantageous if a heavy storm damages your property. Moreover, if you do not have experience handling various insurance claims, Skyline Construction Group can work with your insurance provider to ensure that all of your claims requirements are fulfilled.

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