At Skyline Construction Group, we start the construction process with a detailed plan designed as per the project-specific requirements to complete your construction project. Our construction management process involves the following steps:

  • Preliminary comprehensive inspection and planning
  • Pre-construction designing and procurement of materials
  • Implementing the plan as per the construction plan
  • Project monitoring at each phase for excellent quality control
  • Timely project completion and post-construction services

Our team is well-versed in handling any potential challenges that may arise during the construction, so you can rest assured our team will efficiently take care of all your specific project construction requirements. Our construction management team specializes in timely project completion.

Skyline Construction Group is a licensed and fully insured team of experienced and licensed contractors dedicated to providing all-inclusive top-notch property improvement solutions. We are well-known for providing excellent roofing, siding, gutter, chimney, and masonry installation, repairs, and maintenance services according to the relevant local construction codes and regulations.

We have accumulated extensive experience working on all types of residential and commercial projects. Our team specializes in identifying hidden or underlying potential issues and providing functional construction solutions. So, when you require high-quality construction services, finest craftsmanship at reasonable prices, and on-time project completion, you can trust our contractors to complete the job to your satisfaction. So, schedule a consultation with our experts today!

Having a license proves that the contractors have fulfilled the industry standard requirements and are qualified for the job. In addition, hiring a licensed team of experienced contractors with extensive knowledge of local construction codes and regulations can help you avoid any design flaws and property issues. Moreover, they will be much more experienced in safe construction techniques and handling any potential construction issues for proper installation of chimney, roofing, and other elements of your property. Also, licensed contractors offer liability insurance.

Our team at Skyline Construction will take care of all your project requirements from planning to completion. However, you can also help speed up the project completion by ensuring the required materials are restocked as needed and removing any clutter so the construction staff can work without any restrictions. Our team works dedicatedly to ensure your project is completed within the specified period and will keep you updated regarding the project progress at each stage.

As every project comes with different requirements and challenges, there is no standard project completion period. However, our contractors can estimate expected project completion according to your construction project’s specific construction requirements, size, and complexity. So, if you have a residential or commercial construction project and want to know how much time it may take, you can schedule a free assessment to get an estimated project completion timeline.

Our team usually starts every project with a comprehensive assessment of the project and requirements gathering. Next, our contractors will explain the construction plan and provide a list of possible repair options with an estimated quote. When the construction starts, you can expect the space to be messy and cluttered. Thus, it is best to move your valuable stuff out of the way before construction begins. In addition, our team will ensure to clean up the space after the construction is done.

The repair cost may vary depending on the specific project requirements. Whether you need roofing, masonry, gutter, siding, chimney installation, repair, or maintenance services, our team will first assess your needs and determine the cost depending on the particular project requirements. If you want to get an estimated quote today, you can schedule a free assessment from our expert contractors!

Specific residential and commercial projects may require a permit for construction. However, you don’t need to worry about it as our team is well-versed with the relevant construction codes related to roofing, siding, chimney, gutters, and masonry installation and repairs. We will take care of all the legal requirements, such as obtaining suitable construction permits, handling inspections, and ensuring proper code compliance.

We have extensive experience working with many types of construction materials such as wood, concrete, metals, stones, brick, composite materials, etc. We utilize the highest quality industrial-grade materials for all our property construction projects. Moreover, we strive to use eco-friendly and sustainable materials to minimize adverse environmental impact.

If you need specialized roofing, chimney, siding, masonry, gutters installation, repair, or maintenance services from licensed contractors in New Jersey, contact our certified contractors today!

We offer services for both residential and commercial

Fully Licensed and insured

Skyline Construction Group, Fort Lee, New Jersey